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    Getting ready to drop the puck! Recreational outdoor hockey season starts in December: Learn to Play (7&8s), U9, U11 and U14 divisions. Sign up today!

Operating out of Rosedale Park's outdoor rink, Mooredale's hockey program offers an opportunity for kids to experience Canada's favourite winter sport in a unique environment.  Our program is recreational and grassroots in nature, which is perfect for those who are new to the sport, and those looking to play in a non-competitive setting.

We offer programming for U6/7 (Intro to Hockey) U9, U11, U14, and U16 age divisions.

By registering for this Mooredale Sport activity, I agree to pay Mooredale for the annual Mooredale Membership Fee by VISA or MasterCard.  For more information contact Membership Registrar, Catherine Loeffler at cloeffler@mooredale.on.ca or call 416-922-3714 ext 102 between 9am and 5pm. 

At-A-Glance - What's New This Season?

This season we're excited to introduce a few changes to the program.

  • U9 will now run using the Cross-Ice format (3-on-3)
  • Practices for the U9, U11, and U14 age groups will now be 60 minutes long
  • We've added a U16 division this year


Typical Week in Mooredale Outdoor Hockey

Intro to Hockey

Our Intro to Hockey division focuses on introducing our U6 and U7 players to the basics and fundamentals of hockey in an environment that is fun, relaxed, and inclusive. Sessions will focus on developing proper skating techniques and puck handling skills, and will be led by our Hockey Technical Staff.  Players will have one 45-minute long session on Wednesday evenings.


Players in this division will have one practice (60 minutes) and one game (45 minutes) per week.  This season, our U9s will be playing a Cross-Ice format for their games.  This will involve dividing the ice into smaller sections for game play (e.g. 3-on-3 games).  As a result, players will have more opportunities to touch and handle the puck, and will develop a better feel for the spot, before they progress to full ice game play.

For more information on Cross-Ice hockey, check out the resources in our Quick Links box at the top left of the page.

U11, U14

Players in these divisions will have one practice (60 minutes) and one game (45 minutes) during the week.  The practice sessions will be run by our Hockey Technical Staff and assisted by our Jr. Coaches.  The emphasis will be on development the fundamental skills and building onto them by introducing more advanced skills.


We've added a U16 division this season to allow our older players to continue their experience in Mooredale Outdoor Hockey.  There will be one 90-minute session per week (Mondays, 7:30-9pm), and players will divide themselves into teams accordingly.  Please note: full equipment is required to participate. 

What's Included in Registration?

  • Jersey & Hockey Socks
  • Team photo & individual photo
  • Medals
  • Referee & technical staff fees

Tentative Playing Nights & Times

The Mooredale Outdoor Hockey season will begin at the start of December (weather permitting) and run through until the end of February.

Key Dates

  • There are no sessions scheduled on the following dates:
    • December 21 - January 6 (Holiday Break)
    • February 5
    • February 19 (Family Day)
  • Picture Day will be announced closer to the season start.
  • Cup Day is tentatively booked for the first week in March.  It will be announced once it's confirmed!
  • The Winter Classic Family Skate Day date will be announced shortly - currently planning for a date in February!


Age Group Time Slots (Tentative)

Intro to Hockey (2012/2013)
Wednesdays @ 5:30-6:15pm

U9 (2010/2011)
Practices: Mondays @ 5:30-630pm
Games: Wednesdays @ 6:15-7pm

U11 (2008/2009)
Practices: Mondays @ 6:30-7:30pm
Games: Thursdays @ 5:30-6:15pm  OR  6:15-7pm

U14 (2005/2006/2007)
Practices: Wednesdays @ 7-8pm  OR  8-9pm
Games: Mondays @ 7:30-8:15pm  OR  8:15-9pm

U16 (2003/2004)
Thursdays @ 7-8:30pm







U9 Practice


Intro (U6/U7)


U11 Game


U11 Practice


U9 Game


U11 Game


U14 Game


U14 Practice


U16 Session

8:15- 9pm

  U14 Game


U14 Practice


  • This schedule is subject to change as a result of final registration numbers, permits, and facility availability.  Mooredale reserves the right to merge age groupings together in the case where a division is not viable due to registration numbers.
  • Rescheduling of missed sessions are subject to facility & permit availability, and are weather permitting.  Refunds will not be offered for sessions missed as a result of inclement weather and/or poor ice condition.

Evaluation Weeks

The first 2 weeks of the hockey season (beginning of December) are evaluation weeks.  Players are put through drills and games that allow our coaches to evaluate the players and create player ratings.  These ratings are for our internal use only - we use them to do our best and create balanced divisions so games can be competitive and fun for all.  We encourage all players to attend so that we can have a good picture of the divisions before we begin the rostering process.

Evaluation Week Schedule will be announced closer to the season start.

For the U11 & U14 age divisions, players will be split into 2 groups for the evaluation weeks. You will receive an email in the week before Evaluations begin indicating which group your child has been assigned to.


Technical Staff

Our Hockey Technical Staff members have a great deal of experience playing and coaching at high levels.  They will be on hand during all practices to run our players through drills and games, and pass on their knowledge.

Volunteer Coaches

Our volunteer coaches are a key part of our Outdoor Hockey program, and we are always looking for more individuals to help us out. If you're interested in coaching in the league this year, make sure to select the option when registering your child, or contact us at sports@mooredale.on.ca

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Registration for the 2018-19 season is

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  • Intro to Hockey
  • U9, U11, U14, U16
    • Early-Bird 
      Starting July 6
    • Regular
      Starting Aug 30
    • Late
      Starting Oct 18

      Note: a current Mooredale membership is required to participate in all Mooredale Sports programs.  More information on membership is available here.

Refund Policy

All cancellations and requests for reimbursement are subject to a $50 admin fee.

All requests for cancellation and/or reimbursement must be made prior to November 26th in writing, including a reason for the cancellation.

Refunds will not be issued as a result of cancellations due to inclement weather or poor ice condition. 

Teammate Request Policy

Mooredale will allow only a like for like teammate request.  If requested at the time of registration, Mooredale will make every effort to accommodate placement on a team with ONE other registered player.

Only one request will be accepted and will be considered only if both players request one another (i.e. Player A requests Player B & Player B requests Player A).

Such a teammate request must be made in writing, in an email to the Sports Club (sports@mooredale.on.ca), and will not be accepted over the phone.

Requests will not be granted after November 26.

Players cannot request to be on specific teams or teams with specific coaches. The request MUST be one for one with another player.

Required Equipment

  • Helmet (must have a face mask - metal cage or full plastic shield)
  • Mouth guard
  • Neck Guard, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves
  • Hockey Pants, Shin Guards
  • Jock/Jill Strap
  • Skates
  • Stick 

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